Challenge Starts In:
'How to Make 3k in 3 Days' 
It's time to Quantum Leap into wealth
With Wendy Aimee Porter,
the Queen of IG!
Mastering Instagram + The Energetics Of Money + Implementation Of Sales Strategies.
My Money Challenges have made My Clients over 500k in the last 3 years!
This Challenge is guaranteed to Blow Your Mind!

Learn How I Make Reels That Go Viral In Less Than 5 Min a Day!

Sale Price: $11.11

Price will be going up Jan. 7th to $111


This is unlike any challenge you've ever attended! 
I'm going to completely blow your mind and rewire the way you think about making money...  

AND THEN I'M GOING TO SHOW YOU MY INSTAGRAM STRATEGY SECRETS that have helped me build a raving audience of over 1.5 MILLION followers on Instagram and SALES STRATEGIES THAT I USE TO MAKE 26K IN JUST ONE DAY!!
This is my signature formula...

Instagram + Soul + Strategy

And I'm sharing it exclusively to YOU in my 3 day Challenge! 

In This 3 Day Challenge You Will Learn...
    How to monetize your page whether you have a business or not. 
  • ​​INSTAGRAM: What you'll learn...

    ​What kind of content to post to attract ideal clients & motivate them to follow you and buy from you. 

    How to show up on Instagram to super-boost your sales.

    My top strategies I use on Instagram that only my private clients know about. I charge 20k for this!! It's all yours when you join the challenge! 

    and how understanding this sacred secret has allowed me to create a multi-million dollar coaching business in just 4 years.
    You’ll gain absolute clarity on your core desires for your business and your life. Because the Universe loves specificity!

  • ​MINDSET: You’ll overcome fear and self sabotage to combat self-doubt and mindset blocks around making money
  • **Bonus Reels Training* How I make reels that go viral in less than 5 min a fay!

My favorite social media sales strategies
that makes me 26k in ONE day!

Sale Price: $11.11 

My promise to you...
You will never look at money the same.

After these 3 days together, you will no longer allow money to dictate your peace, happiness or how you live your life. You will have complete control over money, how much you make and how you spend it. 

Here is what no one has taught us...

    money is simply energy   

And like all energy it can be transformed, transferred and created at your heart's desire.

You can have as much of it or as little of it as you think you can. It's energy.
And It's created by YOU.

(I know that's hard to wrap your mind around right now but this will be a concept that will be truth to you by the end of our 3 days together).

So contrary to popular belief, that means you get to decide how much money you can make based on how much money you can hold space for in your desires. Not by how hard you work. (I know, Mind blowing right?!!)

I'm going to shatter your misaligned mindset and beliefs around money and rewire them to wealth by teaching you the sacred secret of learning how to work with the energetics of money so that you can attract it into your life whenever you want! 


I'm also going to teach you STRATEGY. Strategies that you can use on social media to make you money every single day. Strategies that I use to make 26k in one day! 

Why am I charging for this challenge?
Because energetically it made sense. This is after all a MONEY challenge. And money loves to be circulated. Plus when you invest in yourself, you show up differently! We all play at a different level when there's skin in the game!

Have You Ever Attended One Of
Wendy's Challenges/ Masterclasses?

If not, you're in for a treat! 

See what all the hype is about...

Allow Me To Introduce Myself...



I'm the founder of the largest Women's Empowerment Network for soulful CEO's on social media. 

In this challenge, I'm sharing the secrets to understanding the energetics of money that helped me go from bankrupt and broke to Millionaire. I'm also sharing my strategies that helped me go from ZERO dollars to a multi million dollar business owner in just 4 years! 

So if I can do it, so can YOU!

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